How to handle Post Surgery Stress

How to handle Post Surgery Stress

There is a famous saying “Don’t depress yourself in any moment of life, live it with a face full of smile, why to waste the time in crying when we know it is just for a while.”

The words doctor, hospital, medicines are enough to evoke the deepest fear of any person and surgery not only scare a person but also at the same time can prove traumatic as well. But we should not forget that there is nothing in the world that remains constant. Every time life cannot be the bed of roses and happy is the man who smiles through thick and thin. It is easy for those who are there as spectators but those who had gone through the painful procedure realizes how close the bubble of their life had come to be busted by the prick of cancer and the fear that the same could be repeated again made them feel not only how uncertain life can be but also in a blink a person can become past.

The realization for some becomes an eye opener to see the life in a new prospective and for others an excuse to be stressed traumatized and at this time of stress and trauma prayer proves to be the biggest soother.

For nights the dreams of a surgery keeps on haunting the patients and these demons can only be chased away by the angels of love and care bestowed on them by their loved ones, their family, their relatives and all those who care for you. They make the patient realize that he is not a victim but a struggler, not a looser but a winner who was able to win the game of life with flying colours by defeating cancer. We should make the patient feel as if he is not alone in the struggle but his family is there to cheer him up. We should make him realize that even the almighty was aware how important his presence was for the family that he was given a second chance and very few are blessed with a second chance in life. So they should feel blessed not cursed so they should dream, mean, live and love every moment of this second chance.

A small encounter with the fear of death makes them realize that happiness is not based on position, power or prestige but on the relationship with other people those whom we love and care, those with whom we want to make our dreams come true, with whom we want to share even the smallest wonders of life with those we can dare to be just ourselves.

There is a beautiful poem that shows the spirit of a person who was able to win over cancer.

“Cancer I didn’t give you right,

To invade my body and take a bite,

This is my body and with all my might,

I will prevail with one hell of a fight,

For that is my body’s god given will.

And see I won the battle.

And have you killed”

To my cancer these words I do send. See how short was your life and how it has come to an end.

The above poem is a moral booster for those who through the surgery had defeated cancer and are trying now to live the life as it was before their surgery.

In the end I would like to conclude by saying medicines can only make the disease go making a person physically strong but the love care and attention received by the patient make him mentally strong and stable.

I would like to sum up with few basic points to all my survivors for a stress free healthy life:-

1. Be a staunch believer in your own religion and have faith in God

2. Family and friends will always support

3. Careful in choosing words. Don’t use any of the words which might depress you.

4. Speak out your worries to the doctor, close friend and family

5. Be helpful to yourself in the small household or office work.

6. Imagine the Future as a bright healthy with a long life

7. Think , Sleep, Speak Positive.

8. Its not always bad what you have been through. Take it as it was supposed to happen.

9. Regain trust in your body, Yourself & the system

10. Dealing with a changed body, bald head, fatigue and so many changes are not embarrassing.

11. Getting back into the ordinary world is your only option, enjoy it.

12. You are a Survivor – and that’s HIP HIP HURRAY.

“The search for happiness is the main reason for unhappiness.

Accept life the way it comes and one will find happiness in every moment one lives”


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